Learning to Draw with Microsoft PAINT

Today you will get a chance to practice using all the types of tools/shapes in Microsoft Paint. Here is a video to watch first if you want to see the tools explained, or you can just jump right into trying to do it yourself.


Draw a house using these directions!

  1. Use the rectangle tool to make the house.
  2. Use the line tool to make a roof on the house.
  3. Use the polygon tool to make a chimney.
  4. Use the square and the line tool to make windows.
  5. Use the curve tool to add curtains to the windows.
  6. Put a sun in the sky. Use the circle tool.
  7. Put rays around the sun using the pencil tool.
  8. Color the sky blue with the airbrush tool.
  9. Color the sun yellow with the bucket tool.
  10. Paint the curtains with the brush tool.
  11. Use the bucket tool to color the house. * If your whole picture changes colors, go to VIEW<ZOOM<LARGE to see where the paint is leaking. It means that one of your lines isn’t connected all the way.
  12. Write your name with the text key (A). Choose a style and color that you like.
  13. Save.
external image Image21.gif

This lesson was originally found at http://www.teacherideaexchange.com/Lesson_Plans/paint.htm