Design a travel brochure according to the guidelines listed below. Your brochure should include
• a catchy title
• creative descriptions of the main physical features of the region (e.g., rivers, lakes)
• creative descriptions of at least two main tourist attractions, either natural or man-made (e.g., a canyon, a
waterfall, an amusement park, or a historical site/park)
• pictures of at least three main tourist attractions
Be sure that your brochure is colorful and attractive so that it will encourage people to visit your region.

Once all your research is complete, as a team your task will be to make a creative travel brochure. Take a piece of paper and make a tri-fold. You will need to include a title and at least 3 pictures to enhance the information you have found. I want you to be creative in the layout, but it should include the required areas. With the included information you should have images that help describe your research. You will also need to have a list of the sources you used and include that on the brochure. You are required to use at least 2 of the sources that I provided, along with 3 more websites that you find, and one book source.

Creating a brochure with Microsoft Office Publisher
2. Open Microsoft Office Publisher
3. Choose a brochure template.
4. Design your brochure. It might help to fold a piece of paper so that you see which pages go where.
5. You can edit, change the size, or delete text boxes and photographs in the template.
6. You can add a text box by clicking on the “Insert” tab, and then using the cursor to draw the text box where you want it. You can then add text, and resize and move the text box. If the text is too big for the box, you can either make the box bigger or reduce the font size of the text in the text box.
7. You can insert photographs. You can search for a photo in or When you find a photo, right click on it, then save the picture to your hard drive. After you save it, you can go back to Microsoft Publisher and click on the “Insert” tab,. The insert a picture from your file. You can then re-size the photo and move it to where it should be in your brochure.
8. You can change font color, size and justification just like you do in Microsoft Word.
9. Don’t forget to save your work.
10. You might want to print it on thicker paper so that the ink doesn’t bleed through.

Alabama: 1 800 ALABAMA
Tour Alabama
Alaska: 1 907 465-2010
Tour Alaska
Arizona: 1 888 520-3434
Tour Arizona
Arkansas: 1 800 NATURAL
Tour Arkansas
California: 1 800 TO-CALIF
Tour California
Colorado: 1 800 COLORADO
Tour Colorado
Connecticut: 1 800 CT-BOUND
Tour Connecticut
Delaware: 1 866 2-VISITDE
Tour Delaware
Florida: 1 888 7-FLAUSA
Tour Florida
Georgia: 1 800 VISIT-GA
Tour Georgia
Hawaii: 1 800 GO HAWAII
Tour Hawaii
Idaho: 1 800 635-7820
Tour Idaho
Illinois: 1 800 2-CONNECT
Tour Illinois
Indiana: 1 888 ENJOY-IN
Tour Indiana
Iowa: 1 800 345-IOWA
Tour Iowa
Kansas: 1 800 2-KANSAS
Tour Kansas
Kentucky: 1 800 225-TRIP
Tour Kentucky
Louisiana: 1 800 33-GUMBO
Tour Louisiana
Maine: 1 888 MAINE-45
Tour Maine
Maryland: 1 800 MD-IS-FUN
Tour Maryland
Massachusetts: 1 800 447-MASS
Tour Massachusetts
Michigan: 1 888 78-GREAT
Tour Michigan
Minnesota: 1 800 657-3700
Tour Minnesota
Mississippi: 1 800 WARMEST
Tour Mississippi
Missouri: 1 800 877-1234
Tour Missouri
Montana: 1 800 VISIT-MT
Tour Montana
Nebraska: 1 877 NEBRASKA
Tour Nebraska
Nevada: 1 800 NEVADA-8
Tour Nevada
New Hampshire: 1 800 FUN-IN-NH
Tour New Hampshire
New Jersey: 1 800 VISIT-NJ
Tour New Jersey
New Mexico: 1 800 733-6396
Tour New Mexico
New York: 1 800 CALL-NYS
Tour New York
North Carolina: 1 800 VISIT-NC
Tour North Carolina
North Dakota: 1 800 HELLO-ND
Tour North Dakota
Ohio: 1 800 BUCKEYE
Tour Ohio
Oklahoma: 1 800 652-6552
Tour Oklahoma
Oregon: 1 800 547-7842
Tour Oregon
Pennsylvania: 1 800 VISIT-PA
Tour Pennsylvania
Rhode Island: 1 800 556-2484
Tour Rhode Island
South Carolina: 1 800 810-5700
Tour South Carolina
South Dakota: 1 800 S-DAKOTA
Tour South Dakota
Tennessee: 1 800 GO2-TENN
Tour Tennessee
Texas: 1 800 88-88-TEX
Tour Texas
Utah: 1 800 200-1160
Tour Utah
Vermont: 1 800 VERMONT
Tour Vermont
Virginia: 1 800 VISIT-VA
Tour Virginia
Washington: 1 800 544-1800
Tour Washington
West Virginia: 1 800 CALL-WVA
Tour West Virginia
Wisconsin: 1 800 432-TRIP
Tour Wisconsin
Wyoming: 1 800 CALL-WYO
Tour Wyoming

You may open a template that will help you put together an organized brochure. Once you open the brochure template, you will need to save it to a drive as directed by your teacher.
  • If the computer you are using has Publisher 2000, please **click here** to get to the brochure.

Grading Rubric

Download file "regionsgroupresearchsheet.doc"
Download file "regionsgroupresearchsheet.doc"
Region Group Research template (Word document)

Download file "regionsgroupanalysisbrochure.doc"
Download file "regionsgroupanalysisbrochure.doc"
Region Brochure template (Word document)